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16x16 B
16x16 A
Fog today, 632 KB
Thomas's Denman, 5'x3', acrylic on mdf.
Sandy 3, 3x5 ft.
Treasure Island, 4x3 ft, acrylic.
Gabriola Island, 3x5 ft, acrylic.
J&J Sandy, 4x3 ft
R/J Wiz Denman, 3x5 ft
Pam's Red, 4x3 ft, acrylic.
T/R Cross Denman, 3x5 ft
TC Denman
Oceanscape Denman
T F Boundary Denman
Granville Island Denman
California Denman
Reena's Denman, 3x5 ft.
Ocean Denman iV, 1x1 ft
The Calm, 3x3 ft
Go Gallery Elements, NHL, 4x4 ft
Rain Elements, 4x4ft, 2010
Elements (rust), 4'x4', acrylic on mdf, $2,800 _edited
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